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Additional Integrations

From databases to Business intelligence applications, acho is constantly adding more integrations for you. If there is one particular integration you would like to see, feel free to contact us and let's make it happen.

Enterprise Security 

Security is always our highest priority when it comes to your data and privacy. Contact us for any security-related concerns you may have at your organization. We will address your concerns with diligence. 

Team collaboration Solution

If you are from a larger team, we can customize the subscription for you. From advanced identity management system to versioning history, acho will help your team collaborate with minimal friction. 

Data warehousing

If you are looking to move your assets to cloud, we are here for you. Structured, unstructured, or streaming, our team can help you manage valuable resources and retrieve them on demand. 

Database manipulation Solution


There are always more database manipulation actions we can add for you. From joining tables, to complex formula, let us know what your project scope is and we will be here to help. 

Data Pipeline

If you are building a data pipeline for ETL/ELT, or big data analytics, we are here to deliver results for you. From relational database to distributed system, contact us to superpower your analytics!

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What is acho? 

Acho stands for Analytics Collaboration Hub. It is created so data can become more accessible for analysts, scientists, and business professionals. 

Why do I need acho? 

Imagine ​building a dashboard for displaying your customer behaviors, acho can help you aggregate multiple tables altogether and send them to one dashboard with ease. 

Can I have a try? 

Sure! ​Please leave your email here. We will contact you as soon as we can. We prioritize business professionals at the moment. If you leave your business email or education email, we would love give you a live demo. 

What is a view? 

A view is like a tab on your browser. You can perform various actions on each view without making changes to the original data​base. 

What happens after I hit usage limit? 

Send us an email!  We will review your proposed usage and give you an upgrade within a day. 



Connect teams with real time insights. Modern database management for you teams.

Ranked as one of the best big data analytics tools. 

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