Knowledge Transfer

Matt is an new hire in the Data Analytics COE team at a pharmaceutical company. His job is to take over several regular reports that has been passed down from previous analysts.


Recently Matt has been asked to modify and update one of the report, which connects to multiple data sources and is heavily layered with formulas and macros. The current report was created by the Analyst at Matt’s position over four years ago, and has been since modified by two other generations of analysts.

Matt’s predecessors have all left the company and Matt’s current team members have very little knowledge of the logic behind the report. After multiple attempts, Matt and his team decided to re-develop the report from scratch. Luckily, Matt and team has adopted Acho as their new data platform. All data processing actions and formulas on the new report will be recorded, and Matt can organize and edit the action logs into a meaningful manual. The log will not only record Matt’s actions, but any action other analysts performs on the report. Next time Matt or another analyst needs to edit the report, they will be able to find their ways around immediately.

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