Publish data 


Meet Cara, she is a data COE analysts at a consumer product firm managing several large data depositories.

She receives multiple data requests daily from her colleagues for difference purposes, from generating performance reports to case by case analytical studies.

Query data 

with no code

Cara spends a lot of her time writing queries extracting the requested data, and many of the data requests takes multiple meetings and iterations to complete.

More often than not, many of these queries can be repetitive and time consuming to write. 

Share real time

data in channels

Using Acho, Cara is able to create private channels for each request, publish in the channel the portion of depository tables the requestor is authorized to see.

The requestors can then self extract from the shared data sources using a drag and drop format, even set-up regular self automated extraction at desired frequency. The best part is, all data sources are real-time updated.

Connect teams with real time insights. Modern database management for you teams.

Ranked as one of the best big data analytics tools. 

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